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"MUST READ" Different types of stairs.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

There are different types of stairs.

I am going to introduce them to you one by one.

[ Both side closed step (Box stairs) ]

Box stairs, unfinished  | Home Stairway
Pic A

Box stairs, stairs railing installed on stringer | Home Stairway
Pic B

This is a box stairs.

This is a ALSO box stairs.

Why is the second one is also a box stairs?

Shouldn't it be one side open?

Because the stair tread is not exposed on either side. Both sides are straight against to the stringer.

If I have a stair like this (Pic B), what material should I get?

1) Both side close tread (Standard size 36" / 42" available)

2) Stairs risers (kick-board)

3) Premium Construction Adhesive

4) Wood filler

5) Stain & polyurethane

[ One side open step (One side exposed stairs) ]

Piano style staircase with wrought iron picket & custom stain with ow leisure varnish | Home Stairway

42" one side open stairs cap , oak  | Home Stairway

[ Winder tread (Winder stairs)]

Winder is usually a group of 2-3 steps, it is always a ~ 90 degrees turning steps. Winder is usually narrower on one side and much wider on the other side.

For us to make an accurate stair treads for you, you will need to provide us a template of your existing steps. We will follow the template you provide and make it a perfect fit.

[ Pie shape step (Curve staircase) ]

Pie shape treads are needed when you have a curve staircase. See photos below.

[ Risers / kickboard ]

You always need an extra riser against the numbers of your steps.

For example, this set of staircase has only 4 steps. However, do not forget that you will need an extra riser for top of the step.

If you are going to refacing this stairs, you will need 4 stair treads & 5 risers.

You always need an extra riser. | Home Stairway

Hope you have a greater understanding of different types of staircase!


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