VInyl FLOORing

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4.2mm Vinyl

Biyork’s rigid core flooring features maximum durability and versatile design for luxury yet compelling finishes.


This type of flooring system is at its toughest yet provides the most beautiful visual appearance, which is a perfect combination for active, yet style savvy environment. Rigid core flooring is made to withstand heavy use. Its strong core allows it to have greater indentation resistance than other luxury vinyl.

Its complete waterproofing characteristic makes it perfect for harsh environment and heavy traffic areas. Rigid core flooring requires much less floor preparation than other types of flooring system. It has the ability to hide subfloor imperfections. The planks can easily click onto to each other. It is an easy installation for either a professional or a DIY project.

6mm vinyl

The Enhanced Rigid Core system provides great acoustic benefits for the end user. In addition, the integral underlayment layer provides more cushioning for greater comfort.

6mm Vinyl tile

The Enhanced Tile Rigid Core system provides tile-like finishing to the flooring design. Unlike traditional tile system, this system provides better thermal value for the end users.


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